Tera Elin Race


********** PLEASE READ **********

The Elin Race does not work with Sexlab. This is intentional. I will neither provide a patch nor instructions to circumvent this.


***** LORE *****

Building corporeal forms around tiny fragments of her own divine being, the goddess Elinu created the Elins. Their physical appearance reflected the youngest daughter of Arun's naive wish for beauty and peace.

Their queen governs both the Elins and the Poporis, with whom they share a history and a mission. The queen and her forces have proven their wisdom and diplomatic prowess in peace, and their tactical and fighting prowess in war.

The Elins have one driving goal: if it’s not good for nature, stop it. Older and wiser than they appear, they join with forces of nature and mortal races to sweep their enemies from the battlefield. Their speech is often dark, forthright, and otherworldly, and their sense of humor can border on vicious. Other races find the Elins' manner and behavior off-putting.

----- http://tera.enmasse.com/game-guide/races/elin/


***** ABOUT - Elin Race *****



Race Powers and Abilities
1) Race Power.
Circle of Elinu Protection.
Cast a protective circle that heals you and and your followers while negating damage by half. Must stay within the circle.


2) Race Ability.
Fortify Shouts.
Reduce shout charge time by 20% only during daytime.


3) Race Specific Shouts as Granted When Using the Summon Elin Ring.
Voice of the Elins (Normal).
This gathers the summon Elins to your location and slowly heals them. Range is limited.


Howl of Fear (Lycanthropy)
If your playable Elin character has the ability to transform into a werewolf, the Howl of Fear werewolf shout becomes the Voice of the Elins shout. Effects are the same as the Voice of the Elins (normal).


4) Race Specific Spells as Granted When Using the Summon Elin Ring.
Elin Ward (Adept Level Restoration).
Increases armor rating by 80 points and negates up to 80 points of spell damage and effects.
Elin Types
1) Fox (2 variants).
2) Squirrel.
3) Cat.
4) Bunny (2 variants).
5) Ram.
6) Mouse.
7) Ahri Fox.




Mod: Elin Custom Voice Followers by Mud
About: Elin followers based on the characters from HyperDimension Neptunia.


Mod: Elin Bard v3 with Bearserk, the Lute-Playing Bear Trio
About: Violin-playing Elin NPC with music and animations. Lute-playing bear followers with music and animations; combat-ready.


Mods: Elin DLC Additions (Hearthfires + Dawnguard)
About: Adoptable children replacers, Serana replacer, and Elin NPCs for Lakeview Manor Extended.


Mods: Tera Elin 2
About: Alternative Elin race with additional face and head customization. Can be used to make a more adult-like Elin.

***** UPDATES *****

2016 February 11 - Updated Himika's USKP Patcher for RaceCompatibility to now reference the Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch.

See the 'PATCHES' section below for details.

2016 January 29 - Elin Race Main Pack v2 (normal and color match edition) + Summon Elin Ring v2.

- Fixed the Valid Race Forms for the Elin Miku Hairs.

- Added Summon Elin Ring v2. DETAILS.


***** FILES *****

MAIN - Elin Race Main Packages.




Choose only 1 main package to install (normal or color match edition). These are the main files to add a playable Elin race in Skyrim. The Color Match Edition allows the ears and tails to change colors along with the hairs.


You have a choice of selecting either HDT ears and tails (not all Elin types have them) or static ears and tails.
The static ears and tails are selected with the race hairs from the HAIRS slider in the character creation menu.
The HDT ears and tails are standalone and can be selected from the ELIN ADDITIONS slider in the character creation menu. These ears/tail sets can be used with any Elin-compatible hairs.
Additional Elin mods included are the Elin Voice replacer (Skyrim only) and the Summon Elin Ring.
Additional 3rd-party mods included are HDT Physics Extension, ShowRaceMenu PreCache Killer, and SKSE Memory Patch.


About the Summon Elin Ring.

The ring was recently updated to add menu options for customizing the summoning. More details here (http://www.loverslab.com/topic/20121-update-updated-himikas-racial-compatibility-patcher-for-usleep-tera-elin-race/page-101#entry1449422)



1) Latest XPMS Extended by Groovtama. http://www.loverslab.com/topic/25971-xp32-maximum-skeleton-extended/

1a) The required mods for XPMS Extended as instructed by Groovtama.



Dual-Sheath Redux is optional.
The Elins are playable without RaceMenu or ECE, but the latest XPMS Extended requires the installation of either RaceMenu or ECE.



If using RaceMenu, saving presets or exporting the head will save all customizations. However, loading the presets or importing the head will result in the lost of the ears/tail sets and some face customizations.

ECE, so far, does not have this problem.


1) MFG Console by Kapaer. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/44596/?

Adds eye-blinking and face expressions that was broken by the last official Skyrim patch.

2) Enhanced 3rd Person Camera. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/29990/?

Customizes the 3rd person camera to make it compatible to the Elin. Works with Enhanced Camera.

3) Enhanced Camera. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/57859/?

Fixes the bug with the camera being either too low or too high from the Elin's true POV. Works with Enhanced 3rd Person Camera because the mod uses the position of the 3rd-person view.

4) HDT Sitting Height Fix. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53995/?

Fixes the Elins clipping into chairs, benches, and other areas where the game allows adult characters to sit down. Some minor clipping with the legs when sitting in large furnitures such as noble chairs.


I advise caution when using the Size Does Matter mod as this removes the 'racetoscale' marker from many of the furnitures, bar counters, railings, forges, and crafting tables. This will cause the Elins to sink into, even below, beds and bedrolls and will not align correctly with forges and crafting tables.

ELIN FILES (choose one)

File: 2016Jan29_MAIN_ElinRace_v2.7z

File: 2016Jan29_MAIN_ElinRace_ColorMatchEdition_v2.7z


Final Comments


If you are using RaceMenu, remove the PreCache Killer files since RaceMenu uses it's own.
The files are found in DATA > SKSE > PLUGINS. Remove 'showracemenu_precachekiller.dll'.


OPTIONS - Patches

1) USLEEP Patcher for RaceCompatibility (by Himika)




I updated Himika's Racial Compatibility Patcher for Unofficial Skyrim Patch (USKP) to the new Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch (USLEEP).
Install only if using Racial Compatibility by Himika. This is what I included with the Elin race.
If you are using Race Compatibility by TMPhoenix then you do not need this patcher update.


Manual install only. Extract the archive and copy "USLEEP Patcher for RaceCompatibility.esp" to where you have the Elin main files installed.
Delete the old "USKP Patcher for RaceCompatibility.esp" if you have it installed.



1) Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/71214/?

2) RacialCompatibility by Himika (included with Elin main pack by default). http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/24898/?



File: 2016Feb11_PATCH_USLEEP Patcher for Himika's Racial Compatibility.7z



Place the patcher plugin below the USLEEP plugin.


OPTIONS - Elin Addons - Offsite Links



Some files are larger than the 100mb size limit imposed by LoversLab. These files can be downloaded from my Mega account. The links are provided in a text file which is more convenient to update.
The links are for the following Elin addons:


Hair Packs (choose one normal hair pack and one HDT hair pack)
- All-in-One hair pack (BSA version).
- All-in-One hair pack (loose files version).
- All-in-One HDT hair pack (BSA version).
- All-in-One HDT hair pack (loose files version).


NPC Replacer
- Replaces certain essential NPCs and non-essential NPCs.
- Adds new Elin NPCs to certain cities.
- Adds new Elin enemies to the leveled list.



Hearthfires DLC (only if choosing the Housecarl Rayya replacer when installing Elin NPC n Enemy Complete)


File: Elin-mods-mega-links-update-2016Feb01.txt

OPTIONS - Elin Body Replacer Pack + CBBE and UNP Texture Packs



Allows the Elins to use a custom Elin CBBE or UNP/UUNP body with basic textures.
Required if using the Bodyslide 2-Outfit Studio Elin Presets.


The Texture packs contain additional texture options for the custom Elin CBBE or UNP/UUNP bodies.



Files: 2015Nov13_Option_NewElinBodies_BBP_TBBP_v3.7z

Files: 2013Oct30_Option_CBBE_NewBody_TexturePack_v2.7z

Files: 2013Oct30_Option_UNP_NewBody_TexturePack_v2.7z


OPTIONS - Elin Converted Outfits


These converted outfits are for the default Elin body which is installed with the main race files. The default body is neither CBBE nor UNP, but rather a port from the Tera Online game.


The Elin maid costume is a port from Tera Online.
The converted vanilla sets are select armors from Skyrim.



The default Elin body (Tera body) which is automatically installed with the main race files.


File: Armor_TeraBody_ElinMaidCostume.7z

File: Armor_TeraBody_ConvertedVanillaSets.7z

OPTIONS - Elin Idle Animations and Elin Dance Idle Animations


As of FNIS 6.0 and newer, the Elin idle and Elin dance idle will not work in-game. Currently the Elin animations will only work with older versions of FNIS up to v5.5 (if still available at Nexus), however, if using the latest XPMS Extended then you have no choice than to use the latest FNIS


Elin Dance Idle Animation Preview




The idle animations are race specific meaning they only work with Elins. You need to run the FNIS Generator for Users to have the animations work in-game.



File: 2015Oct25_ElinRace_Dance_IdleAnimation.7z

File: 2013Nov06_ElinRace_IdleAnimation.7z


OPTIONS - Bodyslide Elin Presets + Outfit Studio Elin Conversion Templates



CBBE and UUNP bodyslide 2 presets for creating a reasonable facsimile of the Elin body.
The Elin Conversion Templates allow converting armors/outfits to the bodyslide created Elin body.


There are two types of presets: Base (flat-chest) and Curvy (with breasts)
The presets are for Base, BBP, TBBP, HDT bodies.
Choose Nude or Never Nude.



1) Bodyslide 2 - Outfit Studio (for the presets and conversion templates). http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015/?

2) Option New Elin Bodies BBP-TBBP (this allows the Elins to use the bodyslide created body).



Install Bodyslide 2 and the optional Elin body replacer pack (CBBE or UNP).
Extract the Elin presets/conversion templates archive and copy 'CalienteTools' folder and merge with the CalienteTools folder where you have Bodyslide 2 installed.


When building the Elin body meshes, bodyslide will save them in the original folder for vanilla races. The Elins use their own folders. What you need to do is press and hold the CTRL key when pressing the 'Build' button. This will make bodyslide save the new meshes in the same folder as the bodyslide executable (Bodyslide.exe or Bodyslide x64.exe). Move the new meshes to the Elin folder (MESHES > ACTORS > 2chElin BBP body fix) and allow overwriting of old body.


Tutorials for using Outfit Studio to convert armors can be located from the Bodyslide 2 page at Nexus. When selecting the Elin templates, you need to choose the second option to locate the template files.
SCREENSHOTS (http://www.loverslab.com/topic/20121-update-4-all-in-one-hdt-hair-pack-tail-kit-for-safely-creatingmodifying-followers-and-npcs-tera-elin-race/?p=471080)
After selecting the template you want to use, proceed as normal with the remaining tutorial.



Files: 2015Nov22_ElinBodyPresets_and_ConversionTemplates_for_ElinRace1-6.7z

OPTIONS - Elin NPC n Followers Creation Fix Kit



These contain files needed when creating Elin NPCs or modifying Elin NPCs. If you do not use them during the creation the resulting NPC/follower will either have an off-color forehead or crash your game.


The fix kit contains the following:
- Off-Color Forehead Fix
Added the low resolution (256) and high resolution (2048) Elin tintmasks.
The low resolution files are needed when creating the facegeoms of the Elin follower/NPC to avoid an off-color forehead.
The high resolution files are needed when playing the game to remove pixelated face tints.


- Elin Ears and Tails
The kit provides the normal and color-matching HDT ears and tails and the non-HDT ears and tails.
When creating or modifying a follower or NPC, install the non-HDT files. After you're done and created the new facegeoms, reinstall the HDT files. This ensures the follower or NPC is not forced to use the HDT ears and tails which will cause your game to crash.



Instructions are included with the kit. manual installation only.


Use with the Creation Kit because you need to create new facegeoms and facetints (CTRL+F4) for your Elin NPC.

Elin Files

Files: 2015Dec12_MODDERS_ElinNPC_Creation_Fix_Kit_v2.7z

***** CREDITS *****


Tera and Tera Races
- Bluehole Studio, the creators of Tera Online.
- The original authors of the Elin race for Skyrim.

- The 2ch community for their collective contribution to make the Elins a playable race.
- The original authors of the Elin armors and Castanic armors.
- Himika for the Summon Elin Ring, Elin Mannequins, and Elin NPC and Enemy.


XPMS Extended by Groovtama


HDT Elin Ears and Tails custom made for the Elins by Deadzone45
Author of the HDT Wearable Tails


HDT Physics Extension by HydrogensaysHDT
- (LoversLab/3dmgames) www.loverslab.com/topic/19451-hdt-support-unofficial-rel-v9-28-newest-minor-v10-25-customizable-boing/


Elin Dance Idle Animation
Elin Dance - Original by Bluhole Studios
Elin Dance - MMD by Kanahitou (Youtube)


Conversion by RSV


Elin Voice by KuriYokan


- Fox6000 for the New Fox armors.
- Fox Shop with Merged Fox armors by AbleMan.

- Fox Shop Merged 2 by Smokermegadrive.


Followers Mod
- Joshen for the (Blade and Soul) Lin follower.
- The authors of Elin follower, Rem.
- The authors of Elin followers, Mi Ya and Yi Ka.


Hair Packs - HDT
KS Hairdo HDT


Edits + HDT v14-28 updates to DOA hairs/Numenume/Merida/Marie Rose/xp32 Azar long Ponytail by Daiemonic


Merida HDT Hairs by Yoo


Marie Rose HDT Hairs by MortredL


BB's Hair Physics Project by bbdlqek1


Female Hairstyles with Physics by Fuse00


Numenume Hairs by Numenume
HDT versions by ???


DOA Hairs by ???


Hair Packs
Apachii 1.6 + 1.5 by Apachii.


Cazy/Demoness/CCC/Sims/Newsea by zzJay.


Oblivian Complete by Radioragae
(removed from Nexus)


Numenume by Numenume


Sims/Inphy/JHairs by ???


Hepsy by Ryoso



Twin-tails by Pyopyo23


Morten 1 + 2 by Morten Howard
(no longer publicly available)


Ponytail by Azarkiowa


Eyes (resources used for the color replacers)
- Radioragae

What's New in Version 2 (See full changelog)


2013 Aug 08

- Fixed race scaling.

- Removed unneeded skeletons.

- Added better scaling options.

- Everything is now mod manager compatible.

- Repacked files into related mods.

- More changes to come.

2013 Aug 09 - Uploaded some armors for Tera body option.

2013 Aug 17 - Fixed the installer for the Hair Packs and fixed the Apachii Hairs 1.5 and 1.1a patches from overwriting each other.

2013 Aug 18 - Elin race main package now v1.1 with fixes made to the installer script and Tera Body (nude) options.

2013 Aug 20 - Elin-SG Hair Pack. Work in progress as there are some hairs with clipping issues.

2013 Aug 22 - Smokermegadrive made improvements to the FoxShop-Merged Armors mod.

2013 Aug 24 - Fox Shop/Merged Armors. Added Fox 30, changed material requirements, and armor rating for some armor. Thanks to Smokermegadrive.

2013 Sept 08 - Elin Bard v2. Elin bard will give you a bow and violin. Can perform for other Elins.

2013 Sept 16 - Elin Race v1.2. Added new skeletons. Optimized the base textures that comes with the main package.

2013 Sept 18 - Prerelease of the new CBBE and UNP bodies.

2013 Sept 20 - Released Dawnguard bolt fix. Corrects the bolt position because of new skeletons edited for belt-fastened quivers.

2013 Sept 21 - Complete CBBE+UNP texture pack for the new CBBE and UNP Elin bodies.

2013 Sept 22 - Elin Hair Pack v2. Newsea hairs 2 additions + Sims Update.

2013 Sept 23 - Elin Followers 2. Rem and Sisters MiYa and YiKa.

2013 Oct 14 - Updated the Race Controller. Racial Compatibility (by Himika) is now an option when installing. Added optional 1st-person camera fix and low-res warpaints.

2013 Oct 16 - Fixed a folder link error with the installer + updated all of the master file options.

- Separate optimized texture packs for CBBE and UNP.

2013 Oct 17 - New Body Pack. Replaced the UNP Flat2C with UNP BBP and optimized the textures.

2013 Oct 31 - Elin Race v1.4 / NewBody Pack v2 / CBBE and UNP Texture Pack v2

- ElinRace master file uses non-nude Tera body as default.

- ElinRaceTain master file (original) now only adds Elin hair sets.

- Added UNP Flat2C BBP body.

- Added HDT Physics Extension as option.

- Added new Tan body textures for CBBE and UNP texture options.

- 2013 Nov 01 - Fixed installer script for Elin NewBody v2 pack.

- 2013 Nov 06 - Elin Bard v2.1 now compatible with FNIS v4.0.2 + ElinRace Idle Animation as a separate download.

- 2013 Dec 10 - Reuploaded updated Elin Bard 2.1 as BETA.

-2014 April 03 - Merida Hair with HDT Physics converted for Elin race.

-2014 April 04 - Fixed Merida Hair to better fit the Elin's head.

-2014 May 03 - Fixed the eyes glitching after using invisibility spells and potions.

-2014 June 16 - Elin race now uses it's own 1stperson skeleton; possible fix for non-Elin characters having Elin 1stperson camera.

-2014 June 19 - Updated the voice pack by KuriYokan; added English shouts, skyrim only.

-2014 Oct 09 - Elin Race Main Pack v1.4.1a + color changeable ears and tails.

-2015 August 07 - Edit Elin race master file to use original 1stPerson skeleton to fix camera height for vanilla races + member-created patch for Requiem.

-2015 October 25 - Elin Race v1.5, HDT Ears and Tails, XPMSE 3.21, Elin Dance Animations, and All-in-One Hairpack.

-2015 October 26 - Uploaded a fix for the Twintail hairs glitch from the AIO hairpack.

-2015 October 27 - Uploaded a loose files version of the All-in-One Hairpack. Download link added to Elin Mod-Mega Links-UpdateOct27.txt.

-2015 October 29 - Updated the Mega Links list to include the download links to the AIO HDT hairpacks, BSA and loose files versions.

-2015 December 06 - Uploaded Elin Race v1.6.

-2015 December 06 - Uploaded Elin New Body Pack v3.

-2015 December 06 - Bodyslide Presets+Conversion Templates for Elin Race 1.6.

-2015 December 06 - Updated Mega Links Text File.

-2015 December 10 - Elin Main Pack v1.7 includes updated skeletons for XPMS Extended 3.61.

-2015 December 11 - Elin NPC and Enemy Complete v3.2.1 (fixed the off-color foreheads of the Elin NPCs).

-2015 December 12 - Modder's Elin NPC Creation Kit v2. Added Low/High Resolution tintmasks.

-2016 January 28 - Summon Elin Ring v2 with Menu Options.

-2016 January 29 - Elin Race Main (fixed Valid Race Form for the Miku Hairs + Added the Summon Elin Ring v2.0.

-2016 February 11 - Updated the Racial Compatibility Patcher from USKP to USLEEP.


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엘린종족 v1.6  (0) 2015.11.23
엘린종족 v1.5  (0) 2015.10.26
엘린종족2 v2.1  (3) 2015.09.23
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