I reinstalled my game and all mods. There won't be any updates except simple fixes before I build my character and have something to add into this. I'm also waiting bodytype winner(CITRUS or UUNP), so I won't make any conversions temporarily.
This collection is complete enough, so feel free to convert and publish (UUNP will be great :P). Just remember to inform me and credit other authors and me properly.
If you see heavy clippings with specific sliders, it means that I don't support them. I also don't recommend anyone to use these sliders because of severe distortions and clippings.



If you have any other problem, read the FAQ.


Separate the mod.

  • Gothic and Lace - Style which fits into Skyrim.
  • Exotic - Other styles that not fit into Skyrim well.
  • Modern
  • High Heels - Any high heels which don't have above matched set fall into this.
  • Junk pack - Unsupported. Something that I don't have interested in.
  • Legacy pack - Unsupported. All files before 2.0 update.
Integrate most of the high heels in CBBE Heels Collection.



Discard HHS support. Convert high heels to NiOverride high heels.



For the most luxurious female characters, I bring you the outfits collection of fashion and beauty.
Large amounts of high-poly items with the varieties of 2K textures can be dressed up in your own unique style.


For now, this mod only contains items that are merged from Rayne1023's mods. I improved the textures and the bugged esps, expanding textures varieties, and converted them to CBBE HDT Bodyslide. Most of the models and textures are ported from Poser/DAZ. Due to the high-poly models and 2K textures, you should expect some performance impacts if you have already struggle to run the game with your current build. Because of the file size, I upload the main file to MEGA, and post hot fix directly on LL.




Below are original released mods and Japanese introduction pages. These files are not required.





Large varieties of high quality outfits.
Textures are fixed, improved, and expanded. Not all of them FYI.
All textures optimized by DDS compression or SMCO.
NIF specular strength reduced.
CBBE HDT Bodyslide supported with various zap.
Weight slider supported.
Heels Sound supported.
Box ground models added.
Different fine-tuned heights for High Heels.
New CBBE feet mesh imitates the Victoria 4 feet from Poser/DAZ.
Light Armor only, with Dragonscale stats but decreased weights.
Sorted names - LUX [original outfit name]: [texture expansion name] [part] (color/style tag)
Some bug fixes.
Not craftable and a few items are temperable. I gave up adding tempering list.
No 1st person models and assignments. Use this or fix by yourself.




Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE- V3.4+
BodySlide 2 and Outfit Studio V2.7+
XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended V2.0+
HDT Physics Extension
HDT HighHeels System
Heels Sound




Use console or AddItemMenu
I don't think it's good to make tons of lore-breaking items craftable. And of course it will be a hell to make these items craftable and temperable. If someone want to do it, feel free to upload the esp.


sidfu offer an esp that makes items craftable at tanning rack.
WraithSlayer provide an esp which makes items buyable in Whiterun.




Use any mod manager or drop into Data manually. Overwrite anything.




Deactivate in mod manager or delete files listed below:


Luxury Collection.esp
Luxury Collection.bsa
Data\CalienteTools\BodySlide\ShapeData\Luxury Collection
Data\CalienteTools\BodySlide\SliderGroups\Luxury Collection Group.xml
Data\CalienteTools\BodySlide\SliderSets\Luxury Collection.xml
Data\meshes\black widow
Data\meshes\Racing Girl





Known Issues
Some bugs(missing race supports etc.) inherit from original esp. I hope someone can help me fix these......I'm tired of them. Fxied by A.J.
Too many items, so there is lag when opening AddItemMenu.
Some of the names are too long. Please hide the type and class columns in SkyUI because the awesome icon already do it. Feel free to give me better names.
Don't use negative value at calf parts with close-fitting outfits. We can only fix clippings between 0-100. Default meshes in BSA are CBBE Curvy, so there are clippings at calf parts.
I'm new to texture modding. Maybe there are lighting issues I didn't aware of. Feel free to point out.
Bodyslide is a morphing tool, you should expect distortions. I have done my best to prevent them.




Renderosity and DAZ3D creators for original models and textures. Google the outfit names if you are interested in who creators are.
Rayne1023(aka AeroBlacksmith) for the ported models.
Blabba and Cell(aka Ousnius), Tianya, and InsanitySorrow for the tutorials.
Arison_c and CT77 for the feet mesh from this mod.
xXDeliteXx for some textures from this mod.
Raven for the ground models and textures from Luxurious Seduction.
BloodFree, Ramccoid, Nebula, Majk360, CaBal, and HalkHogan for the cubemaps.
Titan7585 for screenshots and testing.
A.J. for helping me fixed race bugs from original mods.
Blabba for the bsd files from HDT Body.


If I miss any credit, please inform me.




Bodyslide and Outfit Studio 2.7c-f
3dsMax 2012
NifSkope 2.0 Pre-Alpha 2
Photoshop CS6 Extended




Q: Can you convert to 7B/XXX?
A: No. Reason? This is a BODYSLIDE thread. Google it, read the mod page and all tutorials.


Q: Why CBBE?
A: I don't know. I have used CBBE since the game released, and then Bodyslide make me stick to it.
It isn't time to switch to UUNP while there is CITRUS. Don't mention that UUNP is harder to convert, which results in very few conversions.


Q: How about UUNP?
A: Not me. I would be glad if there is a UUNP one.


A: Something on your end.


Q: I can't connect MEGA.
A: Fix your connection. Chrome, extensions, or whatever. I recommend this


Q: Small clippings?
A: Fix by yourself or use some more normal body shapes.


What's New in Version 1.7fix (See full changelog)

  • 1.7fix - Restored Ironclaw Suit.
  • 1.7 -
  • 1.6 - HDT Body is included now. The files are the same as 1.5
  • 1.5 - Race issues fixed. Credit goes to A.J.
  • 1.4 - Fixed missing custom foot step sounds for Spicy Kissed Shoes.
  • 1.3 - Hotfix3. Fix duplicate EditorID in Texture Sets.
  • 1.2 - Hotfix2. Fix 6 Amore Lace (Black) incorrect race assignments from original esp. Hotfix will be hosted at LL directly.
  • 1.1 - Hotfix. Fix some typos and slots.
  • 1.0 - Initial release.






Heels Sound v1.5.7z



(아래의파일을 덮어씌우시면됩니다.)


스크린샷.7z.001 스크린샷.7z.002

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